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Senior Backend Developer Dimensions, Digital Science

As the need for innovation grows, so does the demand for Python developers. Python is one of the most used languages for software development today. With big websites running on it like Netflix and Youtube, it’s clearly secured its spot in the tech world. Browsing through Python developer jobs can easily feel overwhelming. In general, […]

Benefits of e-learning for students

The electronic dissemination of information and knowledge has completely revolutionized the way of learning for students. The orthodox chalk and board technique of teaching somewhat fails to catch up with the rapid pace of emergence of e-learning and technology. E-learning makes it simpler, easier and more effective for students to grasp on ideas and keep […]

How to Become a Cloud Engineer in 2024 Next Steps + Requirements

To answer this question, you should explain the steps you take to monitor and optimize performance. Talk about how you use Azure tools such as Application Insights or Log Analytics to track usage and performance metrics. Explain how you set up alerts and notifications so that any issues can be quickly identified and addressed. They […]

Front Line Warrior

  Abhijit Biswas is a freelance trainer and education consultant. Currently pursuing his diploma in Governance from Tata Institute of Social Science. Over the years he has worked with various school leaders across the country and supported them to solve some of the most complex problem. He is known for his high energetic and innovative […]

Make them Curious and not Studious

Prof. Atul Arun Kulkarni, (M.Com., M.B.A.(Finance), PG.D.B.M.(HRM), B.Ed. NET, SET) serving as an Assistant Professor, in Pemraj Sarda College, Ahmednagar since 2012. Completed his Master Degree in Commerce,  Management, PG. Diploma in HRM. and pursuing Doctorate from University of Pune. Renowned name in the field of Financial, Educational, Motivational training. ‘You can lead a horse […]

Different Roles of a Teacher

Teachers are unique, they can be called the actors of their fields. They are the heart of each school. They beat into the lives of their children all the time They encourage, they shout, they love they motivate, they help, they direct and much more. A teacher plays many different roles in his/her service period. […]

Teacher’s Role

Are we truly advancing? “We want that education by which characters are formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s feet.” -Swami Vivekananda I am honored to be a teacher and ! congratulate all the blessed souls and the nation builders of the entire country on this great occasion of […]

Corporal Punishment

  The aforesaid lines clearly indicate the impressions of the environment that get imprinted or the vulnerable minds of the children. Negative reinforcement can leave irreversible damage and so it is very essential ‘or teachers to refrain from using any measure which would affect the self esteem of a child. What is Corporal Punishment ? School corporal punishment refers to […]

Success comprises of hard work, strong mind and a gentle heart

Mrs Meera Nair is a very sincere, conscientious, progressive, goal-oriented, diligent and focused person who strongly believes there is no alternative to success than sheer hard work performed intelligently in the right direction. She embodies excellence and professionalism, setting an example for everyone who comes in contact with her. Before leading the Amanora School, Mrs […]