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CBSE Online Learning CBSE Online education app for k1 class TO k12 class

The educational system called K-12 education refers to the combination of primary & secondary education that children receive from Learning until 12th grade. The K-12 educational system is used in India. The K to 12 Program covers Learningzon & 12 years of basic education (6 years of primary education, 4 years of Junior High School, and 2 years of Senior High School) to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills CBSE Online education app for k1 class TO k12 class

E-learning is a learning environment which uses information & communication technologies (ICT’s) as a platform for teaching and learning activities. Note that, due to the difference in terms of institutional goals, higher education &the industry have very different ideas about what e-learning is & how e-learning can be/should be used. E-learning has its root in distance learning & is part of the revolution brought by the new media the Web. CBSE Online education app for k1 class TO k12 class

Teachers Facilitation

We have to understand the difference between “teaching” and ‘facilitating in learning” because both the words are correlated with each other. Teaching is an activity which is helping the student in learning. Every Teacher desires to impart Good Values to students we facilitate them powerful content put together in most appealing way using both modern and traditional ways of teaching. CBSE Online education app for k1 class TO k12 class

Youth –Personality Development

Youth is time when ones energy, intelligence and courage are at its peak. We direct them properly to create great wonders and protect them from great blunders. The term personality development relates with improving the way we think, the way we feel, the way we behave and the way we carry on ourselves. Here are few tips which will help you in developing your personality.

Learningzon is focused on being the leading interactive e-learning company providing advanced skills development to the corporations and individuals around the globe through online training courses at incredible prices. Our mission is to continue to be the best e-Learning company by offering the best, most affordable online education products.

Learningzon offers comprehensive courses and assessments that enable individuals and enterprise organizations alike to receive the training they need efficiently. Our e-learning courses feature quality content, interactive simulations, graphics and quizzes, making learning interesting and effective. Our interactive e-Learning allows you to take courses anytime, anywhere.

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CBSE Online Learning

In-depth performance analysis

Detailed reports for every concept, chapter, subject to track your learning progress to build your strengths and identify improvement opportunities

Personalized Learning Path

We will guide you at every step on your way to subject mastery. Personlized Our Online Leaning APP Help learning path to master concepts in the shortest time and in a fun way! 

CBSE Online Learning

Concept videos designed by experts with a focus on learning and results

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How it works


Sign up as a parent and register your child for the Learningzon App. Fill up all the details and make the payment to start learning.
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Watch Videos

Watch videos to learn as per grade / Class subjects. Enhance you knowledge and sharpen your skills. [ CBSE Class 1st to Class 12 ]

Take Quizzes

Prepare for the exams, test your skills and earn points just by answering questions. 

Sample Exam paper & Notes

These CBSE Sample Papers cover important concepts from an examination perspective. So, students must practice with sample papers and questions papers

Final Exam & Result

CBSE Online Learning

Online CBSE education apps

Discover a better way to study Anytime, Anywhere.

CBSE Online Learning

Browse online learning apps free video lessons to understand complex concepts. Explained by qualified subject experts, our video lessons make learning fun.

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Learningzon is an engaging, and intelligent self learning app that fosters anytime, anywhere learning App and helps K-12 students grasp complex topics easily. It also makes learning super interesting through a plethora of unique features.

Kick-start your self-learning journey with us today!

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