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CBSE 2nd Standard ICT Syllabus

Sr. No. Topic No. Chapter Name
1 Topic 1. A review of computer fundamental
Places where computer are helpfuls
Computer work on our commands
Characteristics of computer
Parts of computer
Mouse is pointing device
About Monitor
About speaker & Microphone
About C.P.U. (Central processing unit)
About Printer
About storage devices of computer
2 Topic 2. Input devices of computer
Types of data on which computer works
Modern multimedia computers works on different types of data
Types of input devices
3 Topic 3. How to start & shutdown a computer
Steps to start computer
Steps to switch off / close a computer
4 Topic 4. Computer has a calculator tool
How to start calculator program
About Standard calculator program
Types of calculator programs
How to minimize, maximize and close calculator
5 Topic 5. Introduction to logo language
About logo language
Getting started with logo?
Logo works with turtle
About logo interface (screen)
Logo primitive
Forward (FD) primitive
Backward (BK) primitive
Changing the direction of the turtle
Right and left primitives
Home primitive
Clear screen and clear text primitive
6 Topic 6. More on logo
Hiding and showing turtle
Show turtle (ST) primitive
Pen up, pen down, and pen erase primitives
Pen down (PD) primitive
Pen erase (PE) primitive