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CBSE 4th Standard ICT

Sr. No. Topic No. Chapter Name
1 Topic 1. Inside the Computer
About C.P.U (central process unit)
Processor evolution
The memory unit
Secondary memory
Measuring units of computer memory
Other components on the motherboard
2 Topic 2. Secondary storage devices
Floppy disk
Hard disk
Compact disk
Pen Drives
Comparison of Secondary
storage devices
3 Topic 3. Introduction to computer software
Types of computer software
Computer languages
Operating system (OS)
Operating system software
4 Topic 4. Introduction to Windows XP
What an operating system does?
Features of Windows XP
Managing Windows
Dialog box
Dialog box
The start menu
Working with files & folders
Creating a folder
Copying and moving files
5 Topic 5. Introduction to Microsoft word
Types of documents that can be prepared using MS-Word
Starting MS-Word
Components of MS-Word application windows
Menu bar
Status bar
Creating a new document
Adding contents in a document file
Editing of text
Keyboard shortcuts for selecting text
Copying the text
Moving the text
Inserting images
Formatting a document file
Aligning text
Other operations on document file
6 Topic 6. More on MS-Word (inserting WordArt)
Changing WordArt Style
Applying bullets
Applying borders and shading
Applying a page border
Applying shading
Correcting spellings and grammar
Printing a document
Previewing a document before printing
7 Topic 7. Internet Basics
The www
What are web pages?
What is the web browser?
Using your web browser