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CBSE 3rd Standard ICT Syllabus

Sr. No. Topic No. Chapter Name
1 Topic 1. Output devices of a computer
About output devices of computer
2 Topic 2. How does a computer works?
About computer
What is data processing?
What is data and information?
3 Topic 3. A review of logo commands
4 Topic 4. Repeat and nested repeat
How to use repeat primitive?
To draw a circle using repeat command
To draw a semicircle
Example of using repeat command
Nested repeat
5 Topic 4. Procedures of logo
What is procedure?
Creating procedures in logo
Creating procedures in logo example
Using procedures
6 Topic 6. Working with windows
Getting started with windows
Opening programs from the desktop
Opening programs from the start menu
Maximizing, minimizing and closing windows (screen)
Steps to switch off/ close a computer
7 Topic 7. Making documents in WordPad
What is word processing (Create Document?)
How to start making a new document?
About WordPad interface
Let us learn to type in WordPad
How to use keyboard key while typing?
How to correct typing mistake while typing?
Inserting a character in-between a word
Correcting spelling of misspelled words
How to record a document in computer?
Formatting a document
About formatting toolbar
Step to change the font & size
Step to change the style of text
Steps to change the text alignment
How to print a document?
How to close and exit from WordPad?
8 Topic 8. Uses of internet
Electronic mails (email)