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CBSE 7th Standard ICT Syllabus

Sr. No. Topic No. Chapter Name
1 Topic 1. Computer Ethics
� Computer Ethics (What are ethics ?)
� Need for Computer ethics
� Computer ethics
� Commandments of computer ethics
2 Topic 2. Cyber Crime (What is a Cyber Crime?)
� Some most happening Cyber Crime are
� Software Piracy
� Preventing the software Piracy
� Hacking
� Email bombing
� Way to prevent email bombing
� Virus , worm, Trojan attacks and logic bombs
� Worms
� Trojans
� Logic Bombs
� Computer protect
� Unauthorized access
3 Topic 3. Computer networks
� Network Definition
� Components of a computer networks (Server)
� Components of a computer networks (Resource sharing)
� Communication Channels
� Communication Channels (Co-axial cable)
� What is the Recycle bin
� Communication Channels (Radio Transmission)
� Communication Channels (Satellite Communication)
� Communication Channels (wireless Communication)
4 Topic 4. Introduction to HTML (Website & HTML)
� Introduction to HTML (Tag)
� The underline code of a web page
� Step to create a web page (Software you need to create a web page)
� Creating and saving a HTML document
� Creating and saving a HTML document (Modifying the HTML document)
� Viewing a web page in the web browser
� Elements of HTML document
5 Topic 5. Control structures in QBASIC (What is loop?)
� Loop are basically of two types
� For next loop
� While wend loop
� Advantage of using while wend loop
� Difference between for next and while wend loop
� Nested loops
� Rules of using nested loops