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CBSE 1st Standard ICT Syllabus

Sr. No. Topic No. Chapter Name
1 Topic 1. Welcome to the world of computers
2 Topic 2. Places where computer are helpfuls
3 Topic 3. What can you do on a computer?
4 Topic 4. How is a computer different from other machines?
5 Topic 5. Why does everyone want to use computers?
6 Topic 6. Behave in the computer room
7 Topic 7. Parts of computer
C.P.U. (central processing unit)
Speaker & Microphone
Storage devices of computer
8 Topic 8. Drawing and painting using computer
MS-Paint Interface
MS-Paint Tools
MS-Paint Foreground / Background colors
How to paint a drawing in MS-Paint
Painting With a brush & spray Tools
Spray Painting (Use of air brush)
How to correct mistake in a drawing