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Different Roles of a Teacher

Ramakant Mirajkar

Ramakant Mirajkar

Principal , Shevgaon English Medium, School, Shevgaon

Teachers are unique, they can be called the actors of their fields. They are the heart of each school. They beat into the lives of their children all the time They encourage, they shout, they love they motivate, they help, they direct and much more. A teacher plays many different roles in his/her service period. A teacher teaches different subjects to his/her students all the time.

Taking attendance is a part of teaching. While taking attendance the teacher calls out the names of students to mark his or her attendance, while doing so, when the students answer ‘present teacher’, and if the voice of the student is not usual the teacher stops and looks at the student and enquiries, “Aren’t you well?” if the answer is positive the teacher directs the child to the resting room, and sends a message to the parent. Here the teacher is performing the role of a mother.

Secondly while playing, if a student gets injured, the teacher gives First Aid and pampers the . hild and makes him/her feel comfortable. Here she is a nurse and a parent.

When students go on a field trip. a teacher is there all the time around them so that they are kept under watch all the time. She thus so for their safety Here a teacher is a guard, who protects all her students all the time.

During free periods in class, the students becoming very mischievous and many a times out of control. The teacher still shows all her patience and controls her students with carrot and stick at the same time. Her a teacher plays a role of a zoo keeper.

All our students need a lot of emotional lift most of the times. Like adults’ children also face problems and go through stress. At that time, they need a friend an ear to listen to them, a teacher will always lend her ears for a patient listening. Here a teacher is a friend and a philosopher.

When students are bored by the topic being taught by the teacher in class, a teacher will crack a joke and make her students laugh to get their attention back to the topic in class. That helps them to pay attention at the teacher for at least the next 20 minutes. Here a teacher plays the role of a joker cum facilitator.

While playing all these different roles, a teacher shapes the lump of soil named students and so here a teacher is an architect. A teacher can build a carrier of a child. Thus can build a nation, So a teacher is and should be respected everywhere.