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Mrs Monali Shindade

Mrs Monali Shindade

IT Professional, Mayo Infotech

The movie of Amir Khan, ‘Three Idiots’ always makes me think about the Indian Educational System. Research and industrialisation has been drawing attention to the crisis of the employment of young graduates because of their lack of skills. The key skill we need to impart to our students is that of critical thinking and creative problem solving. The mode has to be student-centric, active or participatory so that they ‘learn by doing’. The most important element in this is the quality of faculty as they are the facilitators of learning.

We are producing graduates who cannot find jobs today and are worrying about the future of their work which is based on a phobia for digitalisation. This fear is also present with graduates who feel nervous that they will lose their job because of digitalisation. But the goal of higher education cannot be to mimic robots. You have to find out what is essential and cannot be done by robots. We need to be ahead of the timestamp. ‘A Hamlet without prince of Denmark’ , means kids are becoming omniscient, but what about values, are their skills really developing? or they are just a factory of marks ? It’s time for introspection. strongly believe that teachers need to tell students about the great lives and make children understand their history and heritage. It is only through this that love for the country is born, based on knowledge and understanding. Then they know the best way to behave in many situations .These lessons can form the moral core around which great personalities are formed, something that no one can take away from us however old we get. Let us try to make our kids good companions of books instead of gadgets.

Coming into contact with a good book and possessing it, ‘s indeed an everlasting enrichment of life, they guide us during our life journey. Let us teach them to be a good member of our family, a good member of the society, a good member of the nation and a good member of the world. Tell them to work for a cleaner planet and more importantly instead of America. or Australia our national flag should fly in their heart and they shall bring glory to our nation.