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Change in Bringing up Children

Naira Sheikh

Naira Sheikh

Adv Bapusaheb Bhonde School, Lonavala


In today’s world “Education is a must and plays a very important role in each and everyone’s life. During the days of
our forefathers they had to walk miles to learn and despite of all their efforts they didn’t get proper education. As there were no proper school as such. Today science and technology ha: developed so much that it has changed our ways of living and made our lives easier and comfortable. Computers, laptops, mobiles, internet, televisions, etc. have increased our speed of work and have brought the world closer and closer. Earlier people had to use the medium of letters, telegrams, telegraphs, post cards, etc to contact their loved and dear ones which took them almost 2-3 week. But now we can talk to anyone in any place at any given time because of the development in technology and mobile phones (smart phones). All the latest | news or information regarding cultures, dresses, food types or cuisines, fashion trends, shoes, bags, etc in any part of the world is displayed on our mobile phones or laptops, TVs and computers.

We do not have to be in that place but sitting in the four walls of our house we get a fund of knowledge. At a very early and tender age our children learn to handle the computer and smart phones. And thus, it becomes easier and lighter for them to study. Very few children go through their text books, they find it easier to use Google search and browse the net than to search the answer in the text books. Children are taught the use of the computers both in school and colleges. They are in constant touch with the computer. They can even play games, on the computer, watch movies, videos, songs, etc. to divert their tired minds from their studies. They can learn a topic or subject through Google which is a boon to the millions of children all around the world. In other words, it is short cut to the hundreds and hundreds of queries they have. We are proud to be a part of this technological world. Three cheers to science and technology!